Dynamic Krav Maga

Proud to be the only Krav Maga Global school in Perth's South

Dynamic Krav Maga is committed to making learning REAL self defence easy, accessible and enjoyable, with REAL Krav Maga, for REAL people - our people

Learning Krav Maga isn't about gym membership, it's about empowering normal people to leave them safer and more confident in their daily lives

Since opening in 2018, we’ve set up in community venues in various locations around Perth's south and offer adult and kids classes, plus specialized courses to help REAL people learn REAL Krav Maga


We are committed to being a force for good in our local community. Contact us with questions or to learn more!

Garry May

Garry is the Owner & Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Global. Local boy and Dad of 3, Krav Maga changed his life, so he brought it back to his people and his community

Garry was born in WA and brought up in Lynwood and Langford. He has trained in the Perth and the UK, and chose to establish his Krav Maga school in Perth's Southern Suburbs, to provide quality training in self defence to HIS people.

Garry began his training with Michael Chan at Krav Maga Perth. He continued learning in the UK with Krav Maga Elite and it was here, that he took the 24-day / 180-hour General Instructor Course and qualified to teach Krav Maga.

In 2018, Garry returned to Perth and, with his wife Jen, founded Dynamic Krav Maga, initially teaching 4 adult classes per week. In August 2018 he went to China for the 5-day Kids Instructor Course and qualified to teach kids and teens.


Krav Maga Global

We follow the Krav Maga Global system, the recognized leader for Krav Maga globally, with Asociations in over 60 countries

Dynamic Krav Maga is the local representative of Krav Maga Global, the most realistic system of Self Defence in the world. Systematised to address real-life threats with variations on instinctive defences, Krav Maga Global iss continually being developed and refined to remain as relevant and effective as possible

Krav Maga Global ensures consistency from one school to another and one country to another. All instructors are vetted, qualified to the highest standards and must maintain their qualification with regular Instructor Updates.