Adult Group Classes

High energy self defence training following the Krav Maga Global syllabus. Krav Maga is based on instinctive defensive reactions, so anyone can learn it. Classes teach adults from 16+ better awareness, mental strategies and defence tactics, as well as fighting skills should threats escalate into attacks. You will leave safer, fitter, more confident and more in control of your own reactions


What Will I Need?

Krav Maga trains your mind, spirit and body to deal with the threat of violence.

To begin, you need sports shoes, training clothes and a water bottle. No sleeveless tops please.

As a member, you will need a groin guard and mouth guard.

Don't worry about fitness - that will come! But do talk to one of our instructors if you have pre-existing injuries or conditions.

Before your first trial class - tell us you're coming and turn up 15 minutes early so the instructor can talk about your needs.

Membership & Pricing

Start with a 3-class trial and go from there.
We offer many options to suit your needs.

Our no obligation 3-class trial is only $30. Your instructor will assess your level and needs and help you find the membership option to suit you. For most people this is our Regular level membership.

Committed: Fantastic savings & benefits for those who live for Krav

Regular: Select Unlimited (up to 4 classes), or 2-classes per week

Ask us about training plans suitable for FIFO & Shift workers

Ideally adults train at least twice a week. Frequent repetition speeds technical growth and you will see immediate health and fitness benefits.

We love people who make the world a better, safer place! We give a 15% discount to emergency services and those in health and education.

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About the Classes

Train in a safe and supportive environment, with like-minded adults who will become your Krav Family

Classes start with a warm up like no other! Even within your trial, you will start to achieve things you never thought possible

The middle part of the class covers a specific defence technique and the scenarios it's used. Learn to defend against slaps, punches, kicks, chokes, sticks, knives, guns, even assassination attempts! 

The grand finale of each class is the stress drill, when it all comes together. High pressure and demanding, this is the way we make sure the training sticks in the memory when it's actually needed

After your first class you are already better equipped: more aware and more able to defend yourself legally against attacks. We revolve through each defence regularly, as well as covering basic and more advanced techniques, so you can start training at any time 

When & Where

We hold 7 adult classes per week in our training centre in Willetton

Classes are suited to anyone 16 and over

All classes cover all ability levels

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