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Dynamic Krav Maga Classes

Our range of classes teach the Krav Maga Global system to Adults, Kids and Teens. Regular classes are teh best way to train the mind and body to expect the unexpected. You will learn and practise the world's most practical and efficient system of Self Defence with a bunch of like-minded people. who will soon feel like a second family. Fitness and Fun are the two big bonuses of training with Dynamic Krav Maga.

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Self Defense Practice


Learn self defence skills and get fit fast, in a fun and supportive environment

We hold 4 Adult Classes per week, all in our Willetton venue


For Kids (6-11) and Teens (12-15). Serious fun and serious skills to protect themselves

The Krav Junior syllabus means age-appropriate learning & content. Lean to protect against bullies and adult aggressors


For overcoming fear, serious accelerated learning or when privacy is important

Tailored private tuition with flexibility, for individuals or small groups