At Dynamic HQ in Willetton we hold regular Workshops and Special Events, teaching Self Defence focused on specific scenarios or groups. These sessions use elements of the Krav Maga Global syllabus, but are tailored to participants' needs and abilities. DKM Members and Non Members can attend these workshops, which also sometimes feature guest instructors.

1 in 3 women in Australia has experienced physical or sexual violence since the age of 15. And almost 10 women a day are hospitalised due to domestic violence.

What women experience is different. And how they train is different. That's why we hold regular Sunday Sessions for women (15+) 

Teachers and Healthcare Workers are the backbone of society - and the heroes of 2020.

That's why we now run a Monthly Session for each of these groups at Dynamic HQ in Willetton. Each session targets 4-6 of the most common situations they face and teaches tactics, techniques and strategies to stay safe and protect those around them.

Life is what you make it! Our Scenario Training events target common activities and situations so normal people can "walk in peace" while living their fullest lives.

Road rage. Night life. Terrorist incidents. Australia Day. These are just some of the topics we cover, in a seasonal calendar of Workshops.