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Who can do Krav Maga?

Almost anyone. Adult classes are suitable for those aged 16 and over. There are Krav Maga practitioners in their 90's! You don't need any skills or fitness to start, but do talk to your instructor if you have any health issues, history of trauma or other concerns about your training. 

Krav Junior classes are for those aged 6-16. They are age-appropriate in both teaching style and content. It doesn't matter if your child is shy or nervous; they will learn confidence through fun and repetition.

The only people we don't want in our classes, are violent aggressive people, who want to learn these skills to hurt or control others. Krav Maga is about defending, not attacking

Does Krav Maga have a grading system?

Yes. Most adults choose to grade as proof of their progress. Gradings are in the Krav Maga Global system and assessed by an independent instructor. There are 5 Practitioner Levels (P1-P5), 5 Graduate Levels (G1-G5) and 5 Expert Levels (E1-E5). Most people can progress through P1-P5 at the level of one grading every 6-12 months. Practitioner level gradings are held 3 times a year in Perth and your instructor will let you know when you are looking ready.

Children progress through gradings relevant to their age. Children aged 5-7 do the Kids Grades (K1-K5); 8-10 year olds do the Young Grades (Y1-Y5); 11-12 year olds do the Junior Grades (J1-J5) and teenagers aged 13-16 do the Teens Grades (T1-T5). Dynamic Krav Maga holds Krav Junior gradings twice a year.

Isn't Krav Maga for thugs?

Definitely not. Krav Maga was developed to keep give vulnerable people the chance to "walk in peace". It is practised by people who hate violence and only use it as a last resort if they are attacked. Krav Maga Global is a highly regulated system of self defence where the emphasis is on avoidance and escape, not fighting. Instructors are experienced, qualified, trained in the legal aspects and first aid, police checked and have to complete ongoing assessments to continue teaching.

Do you offer any discounts?

We do. If you work in health or education, or in the emergency services, prison service, military or defence, you are entitled to a 15% discount.

We also want to encourage families to train together. We offer a discount of 10% for additional family members who train and pay tegether.

I live North of the river. Is there any alternative to DKM up here?

Yes, the only other Krav Maga Global Affiliate in Perth, Krav Maga Perth, has classes in Hamersley and Northbridge and will be more convenient for those north of the river. Owner Michael Chan is highly experienced.

Why do you not include Players Accident Insurance as part of your Joining Fee?

We made the decision not to include Players' Accident Insurance for 2 reasons: First, to keep the costs down for normal people. Second, as many students already have Private Health Insurance and may not need this cover as well. We do however, advise that participants consider taking out insurance independently, in case of injuries whilst training.