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What is Krav Maga Global (KMG)

KMG’s Krav Maga is an integrated system of self-defense, combat and fighting, VIP and third-party protection. It is the leading system of its kind in the world, known for its practical and realistic techniques and tactics for avoiding, preventing, deterring, or otherwise handling all types of violent confrontations. Krav Maga Global is considered the gold standard of Krav Maga training around the world, and is the closest linked to Imi Lichtenfeld, the founder of Krav Maga. His pupil, Eyal Yanilov, is fhe head of KMG to this day. KMG operates in over 60 countries around the world today and has hundreds of instructors. The organisation continues to evolve to meet the self defence needs of both civilians and military groups, in close combat.

I'm in Perth but North of the river. Is there a closer KMG school?

Yes. Krav Maga Perth is based North of the river (with classes in Hamersley and Northbridge). Owner Michael Chan trained all the other KMG instructors in WA and remans the only Expert level in the state. Please note, Krav Maga Perth does not teach Kids or Teens, and they have a more restricted timetable than Dynamic Krav Maga. If you are located North of the river, call Michael on 0403 782 539

Can I train at other KMG schools?

There are KMG schools all over Australia, including in most of the major cities. Generally your membership will only apply to a single school (since they are affiliates, and individually owned), meaning you pay one school and do all your training there. However, we have had circumstances where students have travellted inter-state for several months. In these situations we have been able to recommend them personally to the local KMG school and ensure they are welcomed. Due to the consistency of the KMD syllabus and instruction, as well as a passport to prove progress, you can continue your training uninterrupted.

What is Krav Junior?

Krav Junior is the name of the KMG program to teach realistic self defence to Kids and Teens, through a structured syllabus and a fun environment. It is considered the most comprehensive self-defence and anti-bullying program available in the world today. The program covers all aspects of self-defence training for Kids and Teens, from the physical and technical aspects, to the educational aspect (self-control, violence prevention, stranger danger, functioning under stress etc.), to simulation training. Krav Junior was developed by one of the Krav Maga Global team, with 25 years' Krav Maga experience and a Masters in Education, to teach genuine Krav Maga effectively to younger students. Aside from developing age-appropriate self defence skills, the benefits of Krav Junior classes include:

  • Social skills
  • Confidence & Self esteem
  • Teamwork
  • Conflict resolution
  • Protective behaviours
  • Self control
  • Respect
  • Judgment
  • Stress management
  • Fitness

All about KMG State Gradings

KMG holds state gradings for all schools in WA - this is currently just Krav Maga Perth and Dynamic Krav Maga. These gradings are run by Expert MIchael Chan, of KM Perth. Uusally there are 3 gradings per year, in approximately April, August and December. Howver, there is a syllabus change during Q2 2021 and the August grading will not take place. This is to give all students the chance to cover the new syllabus matierial, prior to their next grading. Where? All state gradings are now within Perth, as both schools are located in the metro area. Uusally they are held in Northbridge, but DKM is proud to host the April 2021 grading and hopes this will become a regular arrangement.


Where is Dynamic Krav Maga based?

We moved to Head Quarters is in Willetton, Perth in January 2020 and all Perth based classes are run from this venue. Dynamic HQ is easily accersible from central and southern Perth, being located close to the Kwinana Freeqay / Leach Highway intersection.

How do I know you provide quality Self Defence training?

Because we're a Krav Maga Global Affiliate. Krav Maga is considered the most realistic, practical and efficient form of Self Defence there is. And KMG is the gold standard in Krav Maga training around the world. We provide the following guarantees:

  • All training is consistent with the KMG syllabus and standards
  • We aim to have no more than 20 students in any class (and will create new overflow classes when this occurs)
  • All Instructors are at least Graduate Level and have completed the 180-hour GIC
  • All instructors are Police Checked and have Working with Children clearance
  • All Instructors undergo regular training and complete Annual Development courses
  • Dynamic Krav Maga is fully insured
  • Our classes are secure and Student / Instrructor safety is paramount
  • We have a "No Dickheads" policy and screen all new members to filter out violent criminals, bullies and people who are uncoachable
  • State Gradings are universally recognised by KMG and training can be transferred internationally
  • The KMG sylllabus is constantly developed by a team of experts globally
You can learn more about what makes Dynamic Krav Maga special here. We are confident you will not find a better option for realistic Self Defence training anywhere else .... but if you do check out other providers, please use the above as a checklist to test their credentials.

When are your Classes?

Adults (ages 16+) We teach up to 7 classes each week, at Dynamic HQ in Willetton, Perth. This includes 4 evening classes (at 2 different times), 2 weekday morning classes and 1 Saturday morning class (term times only). These classes are shared between instructors. Kids (6-11 years) & Teens (12-15 years): We teach 2 Kids and 2 Teens classes each week, at Dynamic HQ in Willtton, Perth. These classes are Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, during term times. Owner Garry May teaches all Kids and Teens classes. See our TIMETABLE for up to date class details.

Do you teach Kids and Teens?

Yes. We are the only KMG school in WA offering quality self defence classes for Kids and Teens. Owner and Chief Instructor Garry May completed the Kids Instructor Course in 2018. This 5 day course is specific to teaching the KMG Krav Junior syllabus to Kids (ages 6-11) and Teens (ages 12-15). DKM began offering combined Kids & Teens classes in October 2018, but in 2019 made the decision to separate the classes into 2 age groups. This gives us the opportunity to make the subject matter, teaching style and discussions appropriate to the students. Kids Classes are aimed at primary age students, with a focus on building friendships, growing confidence, responding to bullies and recognising adults who are genuinely responsible (not just in positions of power). Classes are best suited to kids age 6 - 11. We offer Year 6 students ths chance to attend either Kids or Teens classes, in their last semester of primary school (July - December). This is to give them the chance to prepare for the realities of high school for several months. Teens Classes focus on handling bullies and frenemies, navigating peer pressure, managing stress responses and dealing with violent threats and attacks, from peers and adults. These classes include techniques against both physical and sexual harrassment and assault. They are aimed at high school students aged 12 - 15, although senior high school students (up to Year 12) may choose to continue in these classes to train with their peers, or transition to our Adult Classes from age 16. Both Kids and Teens start with a FREE Trial Class, which can be booked via our website. You can find details of our Kids and Teens subsciptions here.

Are your classes held each week, or during School Terms only?

Our Kids & Teens Classes are held only during School Terms, based on the Western Australia Department of Education School Term dates. We hold classes from the week term starts to the weekend after the term ends, inclusive. Our Adult Classes are all held every week, with the exception of the Saturday morning classes. These are only held during school terms, on the same days as the Kids and Teens classes. This is because we have found many parents attend these classes after their children train, and tend to be away during the school holidays.

How do I transition from Kids to Teens to Adult Classes?

Many people choose to continue Krav Maga training for years, due to the supportive community and benefits to mental and physical health, as well as the importance of self defence targeted at specific life stages. For this reason, students will transition from Kids to Teens to Adult Classes. Each stage builds in intensity and will provide additional challenges. From Kids to Teens (between ages 11-12): You can choose to move up in Year 7, or as early as the second semester of Year 6 (July - December). The choice is down to each student and their family, and will depend on whether they want to train with specific friends, their comfort level with Krav Maga, their fitness and what they are looking to achieve. Previous experience in other Martial Arts will NOT enable students to transition earlier. From Teens to Adults (ages 16-18): The transition from Teens to Adults Classes can be a challenging one, and we support each student's individual needs through this phase. The main differences between Teens and Adult Classes are the length (45 vs 60-90 minutes) and range of ages (from 16 - 80+), some of the scenarios that are covered and the ability to undertake KMG Gradings (P1 - E5). The benefits of moving up are enormous, including the realism of training with physically stronger, more diverse partners. However, it is up to the individual student whether they are ready. We support this decision by offering two things: 1) Term-Only, Once per Week memberships (exclusive to high school students( and 2) extended free trial vouchers for up to 3 school friends, to make the initial classes less daunting. Please talk to your Instructor or our Member Team if you are unsure whether to join Teen or Adult classes.

Do you offer Discounts?

We do. If you work in health or education, or in the emergency services, prison service, military or defence, you are entitled to a 15% discount on Membership Plans for classes. We also want to encourage families to train together. We offer a discount of 10% for additional family members who train and pay tegether. Are you a company or workplace wanting to make a group booking for classes, for example for a Wellness or Personal Development Package? We offer a 10% discount on all Membership Plans, for bookings of 10+ people. Combine that with up to 25% discount for our 12 month plan, and Krav Maga becomes a very affordable solution, meeting workplace safety, physical and mental health needs

Do you have lock-in periods?

No. We never lock you in beyond your current subscription period/ That's generally 1 month for Adutls, or 1 Term for Kids & Teens. Having said that, you cannot suspend and then resume your training. Doing so will result in you being charged the Joining Fee again, to cover the administration involved. We require 2 weeks notice before you cancel or change membership plans.

Do you run any Women's Self Defence courses?

Yes. There are two options if you want to train with women only: Womens' Workshops: We run regular Womens Workshops, starting August 2020, suitable for women and girls 16+. These run on Sunday afternoons approximately every 2 months, and are designed for women with or without previous Self Defence or Krav Maga training, to learn or top up their skills, awareness, safety and confidence. These workshops focus on common scenarios most relevant to women and teach simple avoidance, defence and escape skills. These workshops are taught by a combination of our qualified Instructors (both male), DKM Co Owner Jen and our aspiring Female Instructor. We deliberately ask selected Krav Maga students and instructors to attend these events and act as "Attackers", to deliver a more realistic experience and test your ability to execute defences against a stronger, larger attacker. The worlshops are designed so that women can attend each one, occasionally or one-off, and still receive benefits. We recommend attending at least every 6 months to retain a working knowledge of Self Defence, for when it is needed. These workshops can be booked through our Website or on Eventbrite, by searching for Dynamic Krav Maga to find the next avialable session. Numbers are capped at 24. "Fight Like a Girl" course: This 10-week private course can be booked by groups of 10-20 women and/or girls )(age 14+, iif accompanied by an adult). It provides a firm grounding in all aspects of Self Defence to ensure women can lead safe, independent, confident lives. The course costs as little as $10 per woman, per week (for 20 students) and includes hire of our dedicated Self Defence centre in Willetton, Perth. We can run the course at another venue, but you will be responsible for venue hire and we may charge travel (if over 30 minutes' drive from Dynamic HQ). This course is taught by one of our qualified instructors and can follow a standard program, or be tailored to suit your needs. The standard course will cover:

  • Personal space and awareness
  • Asssertiveness and aggression
  • Recognising patterns of escalating violence
  • Physcial violence
  • Sexual assaults
  • Abduction attempts
  • Third party protection
Please contact the Dynamc Krav Maga Team on 08 9510 6266 to book this course or talk through your needs.

Do you run Management Training?

Yes. Owner and Chiref Instructor Garry May is qualitied in Combat Mindset and Mental Conditioning and pasionate about how to apply the lessons of Krav Maga to corporate life. Both Garry and wide Jen worked for many years in leadership positions and change management roles for large companies and they also run a Business Consultancy, May Dynamics. This means Dynamic Krav Maga is uniquely qualified to understand and train management groups and business owners in tecnioques to reduce stress, prioritise, improve outcomes of controntations, build strong teams and increase productivity. We hold full day sessions for groups of up to 20, perfect for your team. We can run these sessions at Dynamic HQ in Willetton, Perth, or can travel to you if you have a suitable venue. Please call our team on 08 9510 6266 for details.

Do you teach Self Defence in Schools?

Yes, we are available to come to your school and deliver Self Defence training to groups of students. This form of ttraining is the most effective in reducing bullying and establishing a positivie culture in pper groups. Full details of our Schools Program are available on the website, including the curriculum, costs and benefits. Please contact our team on 08 9510 6266 to discuss your School's needs. We can toilor a package to suit you.

Do you offer Private Training?

We do. You can book e Private Session for up to 4 individuals (paying together), for $100 per hour. These sessions are conducted by one of our qualified instructors and are an ideal way to learn Krav Maga with a focus on the scenarios or techniques you face, and/or at the time and location most convenient to you. It is best to train with at lesat one other person, if possible. This enables you to get realistic training experience with a partner and allows your instructor to focus on identifying and correcting issues in your technique. We find Private Training is popular with: - Couples - Familiies - Small groups of friends - Professionals needing targeted training prior to dangerous engagements - Krav Maga students requiring focused training prior to gradings Sometimes individuals who have had traumatic experiences, are concened about their fitness or have mental or physical issues may choose to begin with one or more Private Training sessions and then transition to group classes when they feel comfortable. Private Training sessions are usually held in our premises (subject to availability), where training equipment and first aid supplies are readily available. We can however come to another public venue, if it is more convenient (in this case you will be responsible for hiring the venue, and may be charged travel costs). Please note, the terms of our insurance mean we cannot train in individual homes or gardens.

Why don't you include Player's Accident Insurance in your fees?

We made the decision not to include Players' Accident Insurance for 2 reasons: First, to keep the costs down for normal people. Second, as many students already have Private Health Insurance and may not need this cover as well. We do however, advise that participants consider taking out insurance independently, in case of injuries whilst training.

When are you Open?

The DKM team is based at Dynamic HQ in Willetton and so we try to be in the office during office hours, as well as for classes and events. The standard Opening Hours are available on our Contact Us page. We are not able to be present at all times during these periods, due to training at Schools and Workforces. Also please be aware that the venue may be in use for Private Training by individuals or a workforce, or being hired out by a third party. This means it is not always possible to speak confidentially to our team, even if the office is open. You can call us on 08 9510 6266.

Do you offer a Pay As You Go option?

FOR ADULTS Yes and No You can purchase an Adult Starter Pack, which includes 10 Krav Maga classes plus a training T-shirt and all the protective gear you will need. This pack expires within 6 months. Adjusting to fit something new in your life can be hard, but after 10 classes you will know it is right for you. After this, your best option is to select one of our Adult Plans, enabling you to trsin once, twice or many times a week. Remember, all Adult Plans are by the month, meaning you can be very flexible with when you train. FOR KIDS AND TEENS Kids and Teens training is by the Term. You cannot choose to attend only certain weeks. If you choose one of our Subscription options, you pay for 10 weeks upfront, with regular payments every 3 months. If you have a split custody arrangement, talk to our management team about whether you meet the criteria to attend and pay per fortnight, rather than per week. This is still on a per term basis.

Can I purchase Krav Maga training as a gift?

Absolutely! Quality Krav Maga training makes a fantastic gift for anyone. Essentially, you will be giving them the gift of a Better Future. Our 10-class bundles make the perfect gift, as they include everything required for a course of training with DKM. When purchasing gifts, you can even get discounts so the training gear comes FREE Remember your recipient will still need to comply with our No Dickheads Policy, be the right age for the chosen training and accept our Waiver Terms and Conditions Head to our Bundles & Gift Packs page to find your perfect gift

Do you offer trials?

Yes, of course. You need to be sure that Krav Maga and the way it's taught at Dynamic Krav Maga is right for you - and vice versa. ADULT TRIALS

  • Adults start with a 3-class trial for only $30. This entitles new starters to attend any 3 adult classes (unless shown as Advanced) from the timetable.
  • Trials may not be able to participate in the Extension element of classes, due to lack of experience and protective gear
  • All 3 classes must be used within a 3-month period from the date of purchase
  • Trials may not be shared or transferred
  • The Trial Fee is non-refundable, under any circumstances
KIDS / TEENS TRIALS Kids and Teens are eligibla for one FREE trial class We reserve the right to include you in promotional material for marketing purposses, such as photos and videos, during your trial period. This is included in the terms of our Waiver. To sign up for your trial, please head to our Timetable and select your preferred trial class / 1st trial class.


What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a comprehensive Self Defence system, with a focus on practical real-world applications and efficiency. The key to Krav Maga's effectiveness is its pragmatism and advanced training methods, which enables one to quickly assimilate the skills taught, as well as being able to summon those skills under duress and in unfamiliar environments. Krav Maga training focuses on 4 areas, to prepare for any situation:

  1. Tactical
  2. Technical
  3. Physical
  4. Mental
Krav Maga is fast becoming the Self Defence system of choice around the world.

Who can do Krav Maga?

Almost anyone. Adult classes are suitable for those aged 16 and over. There are Krav Maga practitioners in their 90's! You don't need any skills or fitness to start, but do talk to your instructor if you have any health issues, history of trauma or other concerns about your training. Krav Junior classes are for those aged 6-15. They are age-appropriate in both teaching style and content. It doesn't matter if your child is shy or nervous; they will learn confidence through fun and repetition. The only people we don't want in our classes, are violent aggressive people, who want to learn these skills to hurt or control others. Krav Maga is about defending, not attacking

Isn't Krav Maga for thugs?

Definitely not. Krav Maga was developed to keep give vulnerable people the chance to "walk in peace". It is practised by people who hate violence and only use it as a last resort if they are attacked. Krav Maga Global is a highly regulated system of self defence where the emphasis is on avoidance and escape, not fighting. Instructors are experienced, qualified, trained in the legal aspects and first aid, police checked and have to complete ongoing assessments to continue teaching.

Does Krav Maga have a grading system?

Yes. Most adults choose to grade as proof of their progress. Gradings are in the Krav Maga Global system and assessed by an independent instructor. There are 5 Practitioner Levels (P1-P5), 5 Graduate Levels (G1-G5) and 5 Expert Levels (E1-E5). Most people can progress through P1-P5 at the level of one grading every 6-12 months. Practitioner level gradings are held 3 times a year in Perth and your instructor will let you know when you are looking ready. Kids and Teens progress through gradings relevant to their age. Children aged 5-7 do the Kids Grades (K1-K5); 8-10 year olds do the Young Grades (Y1-Y5); 11-12 year olds do the Junior Grades (J1-J5) and teenagers aged 13-16 do the Teens Grades (T1-T5). Dynamic Krav Maga holds Krav Junior gradings twice a year, usually during the last Saturday class of term.

How fit do I need to be to start Krav Maga training?

Let's put it this way - waiting until you "are fit enough" to start training, is like waiting until you know enough, to start school! Training in Krav Maga will build your fitness over time, leaving you stronger and in better condition, with improved endurance and flaxibility. The great thing about Krav Maga is the focus is on leaning Self Defence - and while your mind is leaning new skills, your body is gaining fitter. So for those that don't enjoy exercise for exercie's sake, Krav Maga can be the perfect solution. So are you fit enough to start? Almost certainly, yes. Check out this video from DKM owner Garry May on the subject of fitness: If you are really worried about fitness, please let your instructor know. They will be able to help with ideas for buidling your fitness and managing any initial soreness.

How often should I train in Krav Maga?

Krav Maga Global recommends training at least twice a week, for effective learning. At DKM we support this by setting our Regular Membership Plans to 8 classes per month - the equivalent of 2 classes a week, but with the flexibility many people need to make up a class occasionally. You should also not train more than about 4 times a week, in the long run. Your body and mind both benefit from rest days. DKM owner Garry May talks about some of the reasons for fitting 2-4 sessions of Krav Maga into your week: The beauty of Krav Maga is that, because it delivers on both safety skills and fitness fronts, it is multi-purpose training which can tick several boxes in one hit. It can easily raplace your current gym memership

Have another question? Please email us at or call 08 9510 6266