We believe that no one should have to put up with being bullied, and feel powerless to stop it. We would love to stop bullying, but we can't.


There are three things Dynamic Krav Maga will do, and this is our commitment to fight back against bullying:

  1. Give a month's FREE classes to victims of bullying - enough to teach sufficient tactics, strategies and techniques to reduce the chance of being targeted, and feel more confident about standing up to bullies

  2. Listen to every story of bullying - at an individual level, we understand that many victims feel no-one wanted to hear their tale. We do, and we understand that sharing your experiences can help moving on

  3. We will be compiling the data that comes out of each story, to create a comprehensive picture of the patterns of bullying and its impacts. We will share this data with decision-makers and hope that the evidence we collect will help support any case for changes to be made

Here's more information about the reality of bullying, and our Fight Back Against Bullying campaign.


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If you, or someone you know, has been the victim of bullying, Dynamic Krav Maga can help you. Simply hit the button below to sign up for your FREE TRIAL (for 6-16 year olds).


During your trial we will chat to you about whether our classes are suited to you. If so, we will forward you a 10 minute survey about your experience of being bullied. Once you complete this we will allocate 3 FREE CLASSES in our next available class (dependent on your age).