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Great news for community organisations, sports clubs, schools, charities and NFP's of all kinds! Finally, a fundraising method that lets you bring in $100's a year, without any hassle ... that supports local business ... AND which gives your members a chance to become safer, healthier and happier.

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Register your Organisation now, to receive 5% of ongoing class fees, from every supporter that nominates you. If you have 5 kids attending classes each term, that's $200 a year that goes direct to you. All you need to do is register and share a link to your custom web page. Dynamic Krav Maga does the rest.



Best of all, this is something your community already wants. In this increasingly volatile world more and more people are looking for realistic self defence, stress management and ways to live better. Here's a simple way they can access all that - and help you out.

Dynamic Krav Maga is a family-owned self defence school based in Willetton, Western Australia. We teach group classes and workshops, tailored programs for schools and workforces, and can also arrange custom sessions for your organisation's or members' needs.

Our training is very family-friendly and age-appropriate. As the local Krav Maga Global affiliate, we have high standards, qualified instructors, physical and mental first aid training, and full insurance. Being part of KMG means training hours and gradings are recognised internationally and you can access the global network of other KMG schools. Plus we have a strict 'No Dickheads' policy, which means you can be sure you're only associating with other good people, also looking for safe, quality Krav Maga / Self Defence. Our flexible plans are roster-friendly, for FIFO and shift workers, and we have no lock-in contracts.

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ADULTS (16+)

6+ classes / week.

Mixed classes teach realistic self defence, self protection and third party protection. Plus burn over 700 Calories per hour

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TEENS (12-15)

Scenario training for High School students, to recognise dangers, handle situations and control  their own reactions - including attacks, fights & exams

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KIDS (6-11)

Realistic self defence, taught in an age-appropriate, game-based way. Kids learn to keep safe from bullies & adult attackers.

Krav Kids have fun!



All you need to do is get an authorised person to register your organisation's business and contact details, upload a logo and tell us which classes you want to feature. Then we'll create a unique co-branded webpage you can share as you will. Anyone who uses that page to sign up, nominates you to receive a % of their fees, indefinitely. Most organisations will get 5% of all class fees, but Willetton based organisations and those we are personally involved with may qualify for 10% - or even more.

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