Krav Junior Holiday Camps

Our Krav Junior holiday program is designed for Primary school children, age 6-12. With 15 hours of Krav Maga in a week, participants cover all the essentials for keeping safe, avoiding dangers, de-escalating conflict and controlling aggression, protecting themselves and siblings or friends, fighting back, reporting attacks and getting home safe.

No prior experience is required. The course is a mix of physical lessons, interactive activities in a classroom setting, and lessons on the importance of a strong mind and body to withstand bullying and frightening or dangerous situations. 


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What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is the most realistic system of Self Defence in the world, with families of defences which build on natural reflexes and instinctive responses (such as the flinch response). The Krav Maga Global is taught to thousands of people in over 60 countries around the world.


KMG developed the Krav Junior program to teach age-appropriate awareness, fighting skills and strategies to children and teens. Students are taught that fighting is a last resort, but prepared to be able to fight effectively in situations where it is required.


Kids' & Teens' Classes

What does the Holiday Camp Cover?

Each of the 5 days follows a pattern of 2 full Krav Maga lessons (physical sessions including fighting skills and scenario training), 2 activities and 2 short breaks




Krav Maga Lessons - Knowing when and how to fight back

This one-week intensive course is the best way to learn Krav Maga quickly, by immersion. We cover 2 45-minute sessions every day, allowing us to teach children defences against all the most common attacks, including:

  • Slaps, kicks and punches

  • Body, hair and shirt grabs

  • Being thrown to the ground

  • Chokes and neck grabs

  • Sticks and knives


Children learn appropriate defences, including soft and hard options, and when to apply them. Defences rely on the child's body and common objects - such as school bags - so they can be used anywhere, by anyone. Importantly, we also focus on controlling responses, reporting incidents and understanding what is not OK.​

Each class starts with a fun game-based warm up, emphasizing the same gross motor skills as the day's main technique. The middle section teaches a core defensive technique and variations. The class ends with students beginning to apply their new knowledge to everyday situations and gaining confidence in their abilities.

The 10 classes build up from basic responses to learned skills logically, culminating in a comprehensive scenario training exercise on the final day, where we bring it all together. 

Interactive Classroom-Based Activities: Strategies & Tactics

The 5 Keeping Safe strategy sessions go through the 9 phases of a violent confrontation, with a focus on avoidance, awareness, reading cues, defusing and de-escalating situations, and accurate reporting. Not only are Krav Kids more likely to be able to defend themselves if attacked, they are less likely to be targeted in the first place, because of the strategies they have learnt.

We use a range of techniques to appeal to children of all  learning styles. Krav Maga can be very tiring so in the heat of a Perth January these sessions are a welcome break!

Life Lessons: Cultivating a healthy body and mind

5 Mind & Body Strategy Sessions focus on keeping safe in normal life and being as resilient as possible. For example, stress management techniques which apply equally to exam preparation as to a violent confrontation.


These sessions teach techniques for daily use, including visualisation, relaxation, flexibility and healthy eating habits. Much of the focus is on students learning to manage their own emotional responses so they can be confident their reactions are OK.

The last part of every day, these sessions help cement the learning in students' minds, so it becomes unconscious, and aims to leave them in a calm state before returning home.


Monday 7th - Friday 11th January 2019

9am - 12pm daily

(arrive by 8:45am - we start promptly)


Bannister Creek Primary School

Purley Crescent

Lynwood 6147


For ages 6-12, including those going into Year 7

Children must be capable of regulating their emotions and concentrating for 3 hours


Wear: T-shirt, leggings or trousers, enclosed sports shoes. sunscreen, hat.

Bring: a water bottle, healthy snack

All items must be labelled


Each holiday program has a maximum of 20 places. If you are interested in attending during the Easter holidays (dates and location TBD) please hit the button below to provisionally reserve up to 3 spots. 


If we have 10 students interested by Sunday 10th March 2019, we will book a second course over Easter. All those who have signed up will be notified as to whether the course is running, and the venue / dates if it is.

First Child


Only $35 / day

Second Child


Only $30 / day

Third Child


Only $25 / day

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