Children are special. Every one of them deserves a safe environment, allowing them to focus on learning, play and developing positive relationships. Sadly, the reality is children as young as primary school age are being subjected to threats and violence: Bullying, domestic violence, antisocial behaviour and the threat of abductions and predators mean our children do not live in an ideal world. At Dynamic Krav Maga, we give them the awareness, skills and knowledge to stay safe, mentally and physically. 

There are many places these days claiming to teach self defence, but Krav Maga has always been and always will be a practical self defence system, designed to be applicable for real life situations. Learning Krav Maga, at any age, will make students safe from Day One


Our 45 ,minute Kids Classes are a fabulous mix of Self Defence, Fitness and Fun. Designed by a Krav Maga expert with 25 years' teaching experience and a Masters in Education, the Krav Junior syllabus taps into the way young children learn, meaning children ENJOY the lessons - they are having fun and learning practical self defence skills, while increasing their strength, cardiovascular fitness and mobility

At Dynamic Krav Maga we have separated Kids and Teens training, 

All classes start with a game-based warm-up,, then move on to developing a particular defence. They finish with what looks like a crazy few minutes, but is in fact the most important part .... a fun and intense drill to test they can apply the skills outside of class. 


Krav Maga Global maintains the highest standards for Instructors, and this extends to the Kids training. Typically, an instructor will have progressed through at least 5 grades (2-3+ years training) before being invited to try out for their national instructor course. This (the General Instructor Course, or GIC) is a grueling 180 hour training course and assessment, held over 24 days.

To teach Kids and Teens, instructors must already have passed their GIC. On top of this, they are required to undergo a separate 5-day course and assessment, the Kids Instructor Course (KIC). Garry, one of only 2 qualified Kids & Teens instructors in WA currently, actually traveled to China for a week to complete the Krav Maga Global KIC, in 2018 so he could start teaching kids here in Perth.

After qualifying, Instructors are required to undergo at least annual additional training, to keep their skills fresh and techniques up to date.  On top of this, they hold Working with Children checks and Police checks