We teach realistic Self Defence to Kids (aged 6-11) and Teens (aged 12-15) using the KMG Krav Junior program. Classes are game-based and high energy, so children and teenagers prepare for real-life dangers while having fun and staying fit. These classes are like nothing you have seen before - guaranteed. Only Krav Maga gives this mix of FUN and REALISM. Students help dictate the agenda by asking for solutions to concerns and theats they're experiencing.

The Krav Junior program was specifically developed by Krav Maga Global, to teach relevant and realistic self defence strategies, tactics and skills, in the most age appropriate way. It was designed by Master Zeev Cohen, who has an MA in education and 25 years’ teaching experience. All instructors have been recommended by their country director, and completed a 5-day Kids Instructor Course on top of the standard 24-day General Instructor qualification. All instructors have insurance, police checks and working with children checks.

Our factsheet (right) gives more information about the approach and benefits ....




1 in 4 kids report frequent bullying. This can have long-term effects on victims.

Krav Kids are less likely to be seen as targets, better at anticipating, avoiding & reporting danger, and armed with suitable responses for difficult situations



As adolescents grow & test limits, things often go too far.

To avoid fall-out from organised fights, carrying knives, harassment, sexting and more, teens need to understand what is appropriate behaviour, and know realistic self-protection techniques




Whilst not common, children are vulnerable to attacks from older, larger predators and aggressors. Online grooming is increasingly common. Krav promotes good decision making & awareness. Kids train to avoid, fight off and escape attacks & abductions



Generally, Kids Classes are aimed at students in primary grades 1-6 (6-11 years). The lower age limit is set at 6 by Krav Maga Global, as most children are capable of processing complex instructions and paying attention for 45 minutes, by this age. Occasionally, a chlld is ready to begin training earlier than this. This is handled on an individual basis, so please call us before booking your trial.

Teens Classes are aimed at high school grades 7-10 (12-15 years) and the scenarios and behaviour they face. Some Year 6 students may wish to prepare for high school  in advance, particularly if they are travelling further or taking public transport. For this reason, we allow students to move to Teens Classes during their 2nd semester of Year 6.

Krav Maga Global admits students into Adult Classes at 16 and many Teens may feel ready to make the transition at this stage. However, schooling continues to 18 here in Australia, so we understand students aged 16-18 may prefer to remain in the Teens Class (which focuses on those situations). The classes are also more intense and demanding, last up to 90 minutes and include students from every walk of life, so they can be intimidating. This is a matter of personal preference. To help the transition, we encourage Teens to move up with a friend if possible. We also allow full time high school students to attend a single Adult Class a week, during term times only (see Parents & Older High School Students Membership).

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