BYOB - Be Your Own Bodyguard

We love using terms like empowerment, and confidence.

Those of us who are parents also take on the role of bodyguard, especially when our kids are young.

Our own Tactical Consultant Charlie, is an elite protector, with a proud

history of keeping VIP’s safe in some very dangerous places.

But we can’t always have a protector by our side. While most physical assaults are very quick, brutal affairs, they are very rarely random events. Professional protectors constantly scan environments and behavioural anomalies to judge when “something’s not right”. They simply won’t let their clients take needless risks.

They have plans-as many as they need to adapt to and deal with with problems. The last thing they want to have to do is fight-but they will if required, and they are trained to fight hard and efficiently. They trust their team-mates. They practice relentlessly.

They think about their movement. They provision for emergencies. They communicate on schedules- and when they don’t it is a message in itself-I’m in trouble.

Participating in Krav Maga Training means you can protect yourself. It means you can protect others - especially family and friends.

It means you are your own bodyguard.

Now that is true empowerment.

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