Avoid Stupid

The best defence is not to be there!

Learn to recognise and avoid stupid. Stupid situations. Stupid people. Stupid behaviour.

Stupid situations include being in dangerous places or being unprotected. You know the drill here – avoid isolated spots, choose well-lit areas, follow your instincts.

Stupid people? The usual suspects. Bad guys. Violent criminals, bullies, desperate people.

Stupid Behaviour? Anyone can display stupid behaviour on occasion. At any time, dangers can also come from good people who’re acting out of character. Most often they're under the influence of drugs, alcohol or peer pressure. Sometimes they'll have experienced violence or trauma themselves. Occasionally their behaviour could be altered by a head wound, other injury or illness. Stupid behaviour doesn't obey the normal rules of society. It scares, endangers or hinders people from going about their daily lives.

And stupid behaviour can include your own. You need to keep your wits about you. So take steps not to let yourself down. This is particularly true if you go out and risk running into stupid places, people or behaviour: lay plans, communicate, pay attention, don’t let your guard down and trust your instincts.

How confident are you in your ability to recognise Stupid before it's too late?

We can help! It's never to late to book a trial and start your Krav Maga journey.

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