Strength in Numbers

#2 in our series of Self Defence Tips - simple suggestions anyone can apply to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Maybe you’re not the strongest of people. Or the biggest, the fastest, the most aggressive. That’s OK.

Most young women are well aware that male attackers are likely to have these physical advantages over them. As a result, a key safety strategy is to stick with friends. On the way to the club. At the bar. In the bathroom. Even in the taxi home.

Soldiers know this. They are trained to move and work in teams. Their most sacred duty is to look out for one another. What does that mean?

  1. Creating a well-thought-out plan

  2. Working together, so each can focus on their role and rely on the others for theirs

  3. Communicating about what is happening (if the situation has changed, how they're feeling or if they're hurt)

  4. Presenting as a team against any enemy

  5. Never leaving anyone behind - even if they're wounded

Going back to that example of women on a night out, this is exactly what you see happening. They've learned from experience that when everyone bands together, everything is easier - and everyone is protected.

But for whatever reason, these survival strategies are not routinely taught to other groups of potential victims. It applies to everyone. Teenagers. Seniors. Mums. Men. Colleagues.

Be ready to look out for your friends – or call on them to look after you.

A 6 year old may be literally half the size of the Year 6 bully. But if 2 of his friends join ranks with him, they will be able to overpower the larger child. The same goes for teenagers, for women, for seniors. For anyone really.


How confident would you feel relying on your friends - or working out how to help each other, if the worst happened?

We can help! It's never to late to book a trial and start your Krav Maga journey.

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