Trust Your Instincts

It’s that uneasy, queasy feeling deep down in your gut.

That little voice that tells you that something’s not right … even if you can’t figure out why.

An awkwardness in the conversation. Unusual body language. Slowing down unnaturally. A strange smell. Tiny things in themselves, but they can indicate enormous problems.

Your “gut instinct” is actually down to your amygdala. This, your subconscious brain, notes inconsistencies in an established pattern, registers potential danger, and transmits neuropeptides to your gut. These trigger the “fight or flight” response to stress.

And there's one major difference here, which is the key to "Gut Instinct". Your gut, unlike your brain, doesn’t have the ability to question the way this feels. There's no weighing the evidence. No second guessing. No delay …. Cue feelings of immediate unease.

And that’s why you need to listen to your instinct. This immediate, subconscious chemical process may well save your life one day.

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