Use Your Voice

#1 in our series of Self Defence Tips - simple suggestions anyone can apply to protect themselves.

Your voice is one of your most valuable assets when it comes to self-defence.

Why? Well, it's one of the great balancers - we're all unequal in size, strength and abilities, but practically everyone has a voice.

What should you be using YOUR voice for?

  1. To deescalate situations (giving options, establishing a human connection

  2. To warn perpetrators you mean business (give clear instructions, following the pattern "If you do X, I will do Y")

  3. To warn potential victims (call out, e.g. "He's got a knife! Over by the entrance. Run")

  4. To maximise your own aggression and others' perception of it, if you need to defend yourself or a loved one (growling, snarling, yelling)

  5. To call attention to what's happening and make it clear who's the bad guy and who's the victim (tell it like it is, e.g. "Stop hitting me")

  6. To report an attack, threat or other situation afterwards (with a clear pattern, including when and where, who and what they did, what you did, required follow-up)

How confident would you feel using your voice for maximum effect?

We can help! It's never to late to book a trial and start your Krav Maga journey.

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