Convenient personalized Krav Maga training, from our qualified instructors, at the time, location and pace of your choice

Whether it's one-on-one instruction, or a small group of family and friends, there's no need to stick to our regular class timetable

Arrange a one-off session, a concentrated block for rapid-progress mission preparation, or regular private instruction

Woman doing Self Defense

About Private Training

Private lessons are completely tailored to your needs. Some students choose them because they are nervous about starting Krav Maga publicly without a few weeks under their belt. Some want one-on-one coaching prior to a grading. Many are professionals such as exploration geologists, preparing for working in foreign and remote locations. Still others want their family to learn together for motivation and solidarity

You and your instructor will come up with a personalized program which can include achievement goals, fitness targets or just a focus on situations and techniques most relevant to you. For example, gun defences may be important if heading to South Africa for work


Our instructors can also help you with HIIT workouts, calisthenics exercises, mental strength exercises and tips on lifestyle and exercise, which can really accelerate your progress

When & Where

It's entirely up to you! Private lessons are held at a time and place that suits you

Our insurance covers us to train in public venues, including gyms and halls, and outside locations. However, we are not able to offer training in a residential property

Sessions must run for an hour at least, but you can train several hours in one day, or several days in a single week, if that works for you

Woman doing Self Defense
Self Defense Class

What Will I Need?

Krav Maga trains your mind, spirit and body to take on the bad guys.

As with adult classes, you need trainers, training clothes and a water bottle. A groin guard and mouth guard are essential if you train regularly

Don't worry about fitness - that will come! But do talk to one of our instructors if you have pre-existing injuries or conditions

Membership & Pricing

Private Lessons cost $100 per hour-long session

Private lessons can be for individuals, or for groups of up to 4, meaning you can pay as little as $25/person for highly-focused training from our qualified instructors

Self Defense Practice