(12-15 YEARS OLDS / YEARS 6 - 10)

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High Schools today are not the same places they were when most parents were at school.  The internet, social media, more valuable possessions, use of weapons and drug availability have all brought pressures and dangers which adults have little experience of. Add to that, most children now are given less physical freedom to learn independence .... and you have a volatile environment to teenagers to navigate, at their most vulnerable stage of development.

Dynamic Krav Maga classes are designed specifically for Teens (ages 12-15), to help them understand, handle and survive these threats. To build them up, physically and mentally, so they can walk head held high, into their best future.

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We run two Teens' classes each week, during Term times, at Dynamic HQ in Willetton, Perth. Classes are suitable for all abilities and enable students to participate in Krav Maga Global gradings based on the Krav Junior syllabus.. All Classes are 45 minutes long, consisting of Self Defence, Fitness, Fun ... and pressure testing to cement the learning for when it's needed most - not in class, but at school, home, work or out and about.

Start by booking your FREE Trial Class, to see if Krav Maga is for you. If you decide to join up, we have 2 Membership Options and you will pay a one-off Joining Fee which includes all the training gear you'll require (T-Shirt, Mouth Guard, Groin Guard and Shin Guards)



Technical and Tactical skills, including how to recognise and handle:

- Bullying

- Frenemies & Peer Pressure

- Fights & Weapons

- Physical & Sexual Attacks

- Abduction Attempts

- Protecting Others


All while remaining within the low and not damaging their reputation at school or work


All  Krav Maga classes include extensive drills, designed to maximise the ability to survive an attack, but also excellent for all-round fitness. Includes:

Strength - for Impact

Conditoning - for Resilience

Flexibility - for Escape

The Fitness benefits of classes can benefit both health and self esteem 


Today's teenagers' lives are so over-burdened with pressure to do well, pressure to conform and packed schedules, that they desperately need balance.

At Dynamic Krav Maga they learn to be themselves, to relate to the other sex, to challenge bad decisions - even when they come from Adults in positions of power - . and to have FUN again