Dynamic Krav Maga is proud to be the only Krav Maga Global affiliate in Perth's southern suburbs. And we're super proud to be bringing effective self defence training to the great people in our community. People that we work with, live alongside, that our daughters go to school with.

Dynamic Krav Maga is a bit different from what you might expect. For one thing, we don't consider ourselves a Martial Arts school (however Facebook might like to categorize us). Second, we ONLY teach Krav Maga - unlike many places, we don't want to be all things to all people. Thirdly, we are passionate about being family friendly, and our culture and community reflects that. And lastly, owners Garry and Jen are experienced in corporate leadership, transformation and training - so when we run Workforce and Leadership Training, we really deliver.

And lastly, owners Garry and Jen are experienced in corporate leadership, transformation and training - so when we run Workforce Safety and Leadership Training, we really deliver.



When you train at any Krav Maga Global affiliated school, anywhere in the world, you are getting an assurance of quality and consistency. It is the 'Gold Standard' of Krav Maga training and at DKM we take our responsibility to uphold these standards very seriously. We offer many guarantees:

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Anyone can learn Krav Maga, but there are 3 types of people who will NEVER be welcome at DKM.


We don't like bullies. Like criminals, we don't want to encourage them. Learning Krav Maga is simply not safe if you want to cause harm


Krav Maga skills can kill. It would be irresponsible to teach an already violent person how to be more effective .. .so we don't 

noT oPEN

There's no point coming if you're not ready to learn. Be humble and absorb all you can. Krav Maga is our expert subject - so trust us

If you fall into one of these groups - a violent criminal, a bully, or an egomaniac - we are happy to recommend alternative solutions for you.

Sometimes you may need to look into yourself before embarking on training. For others, you may find one of the martial arts schools now teaching Krav Maga is a better fit. If you believe your child may be becoming a bully after having been a victim, talk to us - we can have a chat and recommend immediate assistance, including some excellent psychologists and social-emotional learning specialists that may be required BEFORE starting Krav Maga training.

If you fall into one of these groups - a violent criminal, a bully, or an egomaniac - we are happy to recommend alternative solutions for you. Our No Dickheads policy is line with the Krav Maga Global approach. It keeps our staff safe and it protects our students. But it also means that as Dynamic Krav Maga has grown, we have established a quality, supportive community of great people that soon become more than training partners.



There are 2 regular instructors at Dynamic Krav Maga, Garry May and Robert Raithel. Both trained under Expert Michael Chan and qualified as Instructors in 2018 - on opposite sides of the world.

DKM Team - Garry May.jpg



Born in the Pilbara and brought up in Langford (Perth), Garry learnt early on that some people will fight you, no matter what you do.  So being able to fight back well is an essential skill.

Garry has many years' experiences in People Leadership and Change Management, and co-owns May Dynamics.

Now married with three daughters, Garry is passionate about empowering the vulnerable and ensuring good people never have to live in fear, but also about naturally enhancing daily performance with Krav Maga techniques.

Garry began his Krav Maga journey in 2012, training under Michael Chan at Krav Maga Perth, before heading to the UK and training with Elite Krav Maga (Piotr Kaminski, Dave Slade & John Bullock).

Garry qualified as an Instructor (GIC & KIC) in 2018 and on returning to Perth, opened Dynamic Krav Maga.  He completed the KIC in August 2018, qualifying him to teach KravJunior to Kids and Teens. In 2020 he completed the KMG Mental Conditioning & Combat Mindset program.



Currently studying to be a high-school Maths teacher, Robert is a passionate teacher who enjoys developing the skills of all his students and empowering them through coaching. Krav Maga completely turned his life around after a childhood filled with bullying and abuse, and he wishes to empower others, so they need not be victims themselves.

Robert began training with Michael Chan at Krav Maga Perth. He qualified to teach Krav Maga in 2018. He currently holds the rank of Graduate 1 certified under GIT Franklyn Hartkamp.

 In 2019, Robert undertook the Women’s Instructor’s Course to better inform and equip himself to help women meet the real-world self-defence challenges that women face daily. 

In addition to his Krav Maga training, Robert also holds 4 years Taekwondo experience

DKM Team - Robert Raithel.jpg



Brought up in quiet villages in rural England, Self Defence was never high on Jen's priorities. And yet, like most women she experienced regular harassment and some minor assaults and came to realise how prevalent these things are. Now Mum to three girls, Jen is determined to make he world a safer and more fair place - in particular for women, children and other vulnerable groups.

Jen is responsible for most of the behind-the-scenes down at Dynamic Krav Maga. Also MD of business consultancy May Dynamics, she has a strong background in Customer Service and manages enquiries, merchandise, fundraising and member concerns.

Jen is also our Business Development Manager, so if you are interested in arranging training, hiring facilities, press coverage, becoming a guest speaker, establishing a partnership or other business involvement with DKM, she is the person to speak to.



There's nothing like the closeness of Krav Maga training for really getting you to know and trust someone! Fortunately, due to our ethos and No Dickheads policy, everyone who trains at DKM is someone you will WANT to meet.

Our students come from all walks of life, but the majority are parents, professionals and those working for the good of society (healthcare, defence, emergency and education). Many of our Teen students are on specialist programs at high school. The common purpose is people wanting to develop themselves and manage their worlds, to live the best life they can. The environment is respectful, supportive and inclusive. Outside of classes, community opportunities include:


Cross-train so you meet a bunch of great fellow students. With 7 classes and regular Events & Workshops, you can meet the whole tribe


We run several Facebook groups open only to members, as well as the group "Never Again" for those experiencing fear or confusion


DKM is a family! We've helped members with references, moving house and getting through difficult situations



We teach Self Defence, so it will be no surprise to hear we take our social responsibility VERY seriously. We love the fact that our training can make everyone safer and more confident.

But we also do more. We actively work to give back to the wider community. We make our quality self defence training available to those who need it most, but for whatever reason cannot access training in the regular ways. Sometimes that's organisations, sometimes individuals.