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Women's SELF DEFENCE Workshops

regular women's workshops - train once a year, once a month or as needed

Women - 1 in 3 experienced sexual violen

Krav Maga is the most realistic Self Defence system in the world. It teaches the physical, tactical, technical and mental requirements for avoiding, escaping and surviving dangerous attacks. Whether it's the office lech, a drunk boyfriend, stalker or a violent sexual attack, Krav Maga delivers realistic, effective techniques and strategies. Learning to protect yourself and others is an important part of Self Defence training, but equally important is developing the confidence and belief to go out and live your fullest life without fear. For many women, that feeling is a distant memory.

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Women's Workshops & Fight Like a Girl Co

Many women have attended a Self Defence class, often as girls in High School. But there are some serious issues with relying on a single learning experience in the past.


First, like First Aid training, you're not using the skills you've learnt regularly (and if you're lucky, never). Lack of repetition means you will be rusty and not ready should the moment arise. Like an insurance policy, Self Defence knowledge is something that needs to be current EVERY DAY, because it could be needed ANY DAY. And like an insurance policy, it needs to be renewed at least annually so it is current and valid.

Secondly, at Dynamic Krav Maga we often hear alarming tales of people having been to "Self Defence" classes and being TAUGHT THE WRONG THING. We've heard of people being taught to focus on keeping the knife inside them during a stab attack. Commonly, women are taught to throw their keys at an attacker - the self same keys they will then need to get into their car or house and reach safety. Sometimes, it's not wrong, it's just over-complicated. Trust us, you don't want too try a complicated disarm if you have only basic training and you're attacked - you want a straightforward way to get the attacker off you and get yourself to safety.

Women - 81pc reported sexual harassment

Women who have been taught Krav Maga can protect themselves from common threats in an appropriate manner. They know what situations are most dangerous. The recognise the signs that someone is a threat. They learn and practise defences based on the body's natural instincts. They know their rights and responsibilities, including whre they stand legally


Girls (ages 6-15) and Women (aged 16+) are welcome in our regular Kids, Teens and Adults classes. These are the absolute best way to learn Krav Maga and become proficient in all aspects of effective self defence. And with their mix of Self Defence, Fitness and Fun, you will find DKM classes are so much more than just a way to learn protective techniques. For the average busy women, especially Mums who are all too prone to stop investing in themselves, the ability to combine multiple benefits in one (cost and time commitment) is huge - Your Krav Maga Global school can replace the gym, your social club, your psychologist and more. 

But some women are not interested in learning Krav Maga, they want basic Self Defence - the kind that might save their life (or their child's, sister's, friend's, mother's, colleague's or partner's life) one day. For these women, we run regular Women's Workshops, each tackling 3-5 of the most common scenarios women face and teaching appropriate tactics and techniques to avoid, escape and survive them.

Train once a month, to build up a good bank of Self Defence competencies, or pick and choose. We recommend attending at least one workshop a year (to keep your knowledge current), but there is no obligation and you can decide when you wish to attend. Or get the best of both worlds - subscribe now to come to every workshop and top your self defence skills once a month.


Women - 91pc os sexual assault victims k

Yes that's right! In sharp contrast to men, women are far more likely to be attacked by someone known to them - most commonly a male partner or ex partner - and in their own home. So all those Self Defence classes you may have been to that focused on dark alleys may have been missing the point - or at least, preparing you only for a subset of the situations you are mostly likely to experience. Here are some of the main situations you will learn about:




Here's a convenient summary of our Women's Workshop information and booking details. The content of each event rotates to cover a balanced mix of the above scenarios.


PLEASE NOTE: The instructors are male (there are currently no female KMG instructors in WA - something we are working to rectify).and we also invite male Krav Maga students to play "attackers" in these Workshops. For most women, this gives a reassurance that they have learned sufficient skills to remove an (on average) stronger, larger attacker. However, for the odd women it can be confronting.  If this is the case, we urge you to look into our Fight Like a Girl course, or  Contact Us about Private Lessons.



DISCOUNTS: Earlybird, DKM Students

BOOK BY: 10pm the night before


WE SUPPLY:  Instructors + equipment


- KMG Krav Junior qualification

- Police & WWC checked

- First Aid    - Fully insured


LENGTH: 2 1/2 hours

SUITABLE FOR: Women 16+ years

AREAS: Perth Metro & Pilbara

CLASS SIZE: Up to 20 students


COST PER CLASS: $50 / student

FREQUENCY: Usually monthly (3rd Sunday, except Dec/Jan)

NOTE: Males assist in event