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Stay safe and compliant - training for all workplaces & Organisations

Everyone deserves to be safe at work. But this isn't the case. In fact, workers in every organisation are subject to harassment, abuse, threats, bullying and violence. Often, that's from customers and members of the public. But nearly half of all workers report conflict with colleagues, which can indicate a culture where bullying is tolerated, the problems deep-seated.

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Violence in the workplace has terrible consequences for staff mental health, absence rates and the reputation of the organisation. The impact on a company's bottom line can be devastating.

And, as if that wasn't enough reason to put an end to violence and abuse in the workplace, the Work Health and Safety laws in Australia are currently changing, putting responsibiilty for incidents at EVERY level. Every owner. Every manager. Every staff member. The penalties for contravening Indutrial Manslaughter Laws have also been increased.

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All in all, there's never been a more critical time to address all types of violence in your workplace. You need to be sure you understand your rights and responsibilities, and have CLEAR POLICIES to uphold them. You need to be sure your people understand the most likely threats and potentially dangerous scenarios, design PROCEDURES to manage them and TRAIN everyone to a standard of proficiency that means they stay safe. You also need to introduce a ZERO TOLERANCE stance on bullying, and take measures to demonstrate and embed that at all levels of your organisation.

The owners of Dynamic Krav Maga are also business consultants and owners of May Dynamics. We have a background in people leadership, cultural chance initiatives, policy and procedure design and capture, as well as the ability to deliver professional, quality Self Defence and Protective Behaviours training.

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Other programs and organisations focus entirely on de-escalation techniques for verbal and psychological confrontations. Krav Maga addresses what comes next, if a confrontation develops anyway. It provides simple, effective techniques for defending common attacks. Our Leadership Training and immersive Psychological Safety and Cultural Programs can also take a step back, to uncover and eradicate the management and staff behaviours contributing to issues.

Management and Staff at organisations who have been taught Krav Maga can protect themselves from common threats in the appropriate manner. They know their rights and responsibilities, including to their colleagues, clients and the public. A team which has had Krav Maga training will demonstrate a more positive group dynamic, reduced violence and better support networks.


The training we do with Workforces (businesses, charities and other organisations) is highly tailored for their individual needs. We seek advance input from management and staff, as to what the goals of training are, and whether there are any specific issues to be addressed (for examples, indicators of a bullying culture, prior incidents, or scenarios / situations that are considered risks). 

Our chief instructor Garry is also an experienced people and change manager. He has led whole departments of people in large organisations, and also been responsible for transforming team performance. This means he brings the experience to blend Krav Maga - both the technical defences and the mental conditioning - with other approaches to cultural change, to get real results.

Organisations usually choose one of the following approaches for Workforce Safety, when the focus is on protecting staff from violence and attacks. A single half to full day workshop, or a series of 1-hour sessions, are recommended for most workplaces to ensure staff are protected and change is embedded.

Or if your aim is to ensure a psychologically safe workplace, we can work with you over a period of days or weeks, to measure, understand and resolve the issues impacting your culture.

Workforce Safety Option A - 1 Hour Sessi
Workforce Safety - Half Day Course - 900


All our Workforce Safety courses are uniquely tailored, so they are never the same. Most frequently, our Workforce Safety training combines a subset of these modules, delivered in a way that makes sense for the needs and constraint of your staff and organisation:

Not quite what you are looking for? We have various other training options that may suit the needs your staff and organisation better. Why not check out alternative solutions for the following groups and needs:





Here's a convenient summary of our Workforce Safety information and booking details. The exact delivery will vary for each organisation, so it's best you give us a call to discuss your requirements.


We will happily come out to you, or arrange a video call, to go through arrangements. Alternatively you can visit our venue and it may be possible for you to observe some of our public training in action, to get the best flavour for Dynamic Krav Maga.

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Effective submersion training to ensure compliance & safety

SESSION LENGTH: 3.5 hours, or 7.5 hours (including breaks)

CLASS SIZE: Up to 20 staff

AREAS: Perth Metro or Pilbarra
at Dynamic HQ or your site)

CATERING: Availale (extra)

COST: $800 (half) / $1500 (full)


Reinforce learning with a series of action-packed sessions

NO. SESSIONS: (Average): 4



CLASS SIZE: Up to 20 staff

AREAS: Perth Metro
at Dynamic HQ or your site)


COST: $300 / hour